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Brief Bio and Testimony

I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a jail cell in Corpus Christi, Texas, June 1977. I picked up a book "The Holy Spirit and You" by an Episcopalian priest named Bennett. I became curious and started to read the Bible. In the jail cell was a recycled hotel Bible put out by the Gideons.  As I read I became convicted that I was a sinner headed for hell. I never thought of myself as a sinner let alone headed for hell.

I was sentenced to 10 years by the state of Texas and 4 years with a 5 year special parole term by the Feds for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. I spent three years and seven months in Texas and Federal prisons before being released on parole. I spent the time in prison finishing my associates degree and studying the Bible. While in prison, I read through the Bible three times and some books of the Bible like Romans twenty times.

After my release from prison, I received a call to ministry. I finished my undergraduate work at Murray State while pastoring three churches (circuit) in rural west Tennessee. I went to seminary at Candler School of Theology at Emory University and pastored a church in north Georgia. I spent my last year in seminary working simultaneously on a DMIN in pastoral psychology. I also took courses for my DMIN at Boston University. I never completed the degree. I have pastored numerous churches in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.

I married Vicki Kensak in 1969. We have three children and four grandchildren. I am presently retired from the pulpit. We started a wedding ministry/business in 2005. The Lord has blessed us and we have a very successful ministry/business.

I hope to write a book about my testimony in the very near future.

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